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33 kV Industrial Feeder Tripping Information  
  Report Month
  Year 2018,2019 Year 2019,2020
  July-18 Jan-20
  Aug-18 Feb-20
  Sep-18 Mar-20
  OCT-18 Apr-20
  NOV-18 May-20
  DEC-18 Jun-20
  Jan-19 Jul-20
  Feb-19 Aug-20
  Mar-19 Sep-20
  Apr-19 Oct-20
  May-19 Nov-20
  Jun-19 Dec-20
  Jul-19 Jan-21
  Aug-19 Feb-21
  Sep-19 Mar-21
  Oct-19 Apr-21
  Nov-19 May-21
  Dec-19 Jun-21
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